Snowskin Mooncakes is modern version of mooncake that do not need to be steamed or baked (except the internal fillings) in order to be edible. It is readily to be eaten after completion and hence suitable for small kitchen that is not equipped with steamer or oven. It is best served cold from fridge or room temperature cool.


Butterfly Pea Flower Snowskin Mooncakes

Step by Step Recipe how to make Butterfly Pea Flower Snowskin Mooncake filled with custard paste.

The making of snowskin mooncake consist of two portion, the inner filling and outer skin.

The freshly cooked internal filling.

Ingredients 材料:
▶️ Custard Fillings (奶黄馅料)
– Eggs 鸡蛋 4pcs
– Sugar 白糖 70g
– Milk 牛奶 200ml
– Milk Powder 奶粉 20g
– Plain Flour 面粉 100g
– Butter 牛油50g

In making the filling, mix the eggs, sugar, milk, milk powder and plain flour step by step , beat and stir well before filter.

Heat the batter well on a hot pan coated with butter, it will form a thick dough.

Cool the filling under room air then store in fridge.

To make the filling dough, roll it and cut into equal portion.

Next is making the outer layer Snowskin.

Ingredient to make the snowskin.

▶️ Snowskin (冰皮)
– koh fun 糕粉 160g
– icing sugar 糖粉 90g
– shortening 白油 45g
– cold water 冰水 140ml
– Water 清水 20ml
(Blue Pea Flower 蓝花 10 pcs)

Mix the koh fun powder, icing sugar and shortening well with cold water to form the dough for the snowskin.

To make the blue coloring, mix the Blue Pea flower with water and cook to extract the blue color. Add the blue coloring into the snowskin to make the signature blue color.

Cover the filling with the snowskin.

Next is to use the snowskin to cover the filling.

Ratio (比例)
♦️Snowskin (冰皮) 50g
♦️Filling (馅料) 75g

It will be added bonus if you have a mooncake mold to shape the outer skin.

Press the mooncake with the mooncake mold.

Press the mooncake under the mold and the mooncake is ready to be served.

The decorated mooncake imprint from a mooncake mold.

The coloring is optional and can be adjusted based on coloring amount.

Cutting open the Butterfly Pea Flower Snowskin Mooncakes.

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