It is a loaf of bread with swirly pattern in it when sliced open. How is that possible ? Lets learn how to make a Purple Sweet Potato Swirl Bread.

Purple Sweet Potato Swirl Bread when cut open.


Purple Sweet Potato Swirl Bread 紫薯双色吐司

▶️ Basic Dough Ingredients 基本面团材料:
Bread flour 面包粉 500g
Milk powder 奶粉 20g
Salt 盐 1 tsp
Caster sugar 细砂糖 50g
Yeast 酵母 2 1/2 tsp
Large egg (grade A) 鸡蛋 1 pcs
Cold water 冷水 260ml

Mix the dough well with a beater.

Mix all the ingredient in a mixer or egg beater until well mixed.

Butter 牛油 50g

Mix well with butter.

After that, divide the dough into two equal portion, one portion will be original color and another portion will be proceed to the next mixture for its signature purple color.

The two dough with different color.

▶️ Purple Dough Ingredients 紫色面团材料:
Purple Sweet Potato Powder 紫薯粉 15g
Some water 一些水

Mix both the Purple Sweet Potato Powder with water into the second half of the initial dough.

Leave both the white and purple dough for fermentation for 40 minutes.

place the purple color dough on top of white color dough.

press flat both the dough and place the purple dough on top of the white dough.

cut the dough like a comb.

Roll at one edge and make comb like cuts on the other end.

Place the meat floss on one end of the roll.

▶️ Additional Filling Ingredients 另加馅料:
Meat floss 肉丝

Place some meat floss at the edge of the roll.

Take your time to make Dreadlocks with the dough.

Take your time to make some dreadlocks with the dough.

Roll over the dough to fit a standard loaf pan.

Non Stick Loaf Pan Size:
Golden 450g
Size: Approx. Up 22x12x11cm/8.66×4.72×4.33inch
Down 19.5x10x11cm/7.68×3.94×4.33inch

Coat the pan with a layer of butter.

Let the dough ferment in the pan.

Leave the dough to ferment in the pan for 40 minutes.

Preheat oven to 180°C and bake around 45 minutes.
烤箱预热至 180°C,烘烤约 45 分钟。

Freshly baked Purple Sweet Potato Swirl Bread.

Cool in room air and ready to be served.

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