Freshly Steamed Pumpkin Puteri Ayu Cupcake.

A Complete Step by Step Easy Recipe How to make Puteri Ayu Pumpkin Cake.

The Puteri Ayu Pumpkin Cake is tasty Steamed Cupcake with essence of pumpkin flavour. It is a very easy to make dessert cake that is suitable for most occassion, either for snack or serving guest to your home. It is locally known as “Kuih Seri Ayu” or “Kuih Puteri Ayu”.


Ingredients to make Puteri Ayu Pumpkin Sponge Cake.

▶️ Ingredients:
– eggs 蛋 4 pcs
– caster sugar 细砂糖 100g
– pumpkin puree 金瓜泥 160g
– melted butter 融化牛油 60g
– self raising flour 自发面粉 180g

Mix all the ingredients, stir and beat well.

Pouring the mixture into the cupcake mold.

Place the mixture into well Oiled moulds.

Steam the cake over high heat for 12 minutes.

Let the cake air cooler And ready to be served.

Freshly steamed Puteri Ayu Cupcake.

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