Mid autumn festival is around the corner, still thinking on how to make a mooncake for your friends and family ? We have one simple mooncake recipes that suitable for most of the kitchen with oven. The Shanghai Mooncake is very easy customizable to your likings, in our demonstration we will feature Meat Floss and Salted Egg Yolk version.

The Meat Floss Shanghai Mooncake and Salted Egg Yolk Shanghai Mooncake.


Easy Step by Step Recipe How to make Meat Floss Shanghai Mooncake or Salted Egg Yolk Shanghai Mooncake

There is allot of fillings that is suitable for Shanghai Mooncake. We will guide you two type of filling we recommended.

The filling can be made according to your taste, in our example we use pandan flavor and read bean flavor.

▶️ Fillings option 1 馅料推荐1 (Pandan Bean Paste with meat floss 班兰豆蓉与鸡肉丝)
– Pandan Bean Paste 班兰豆蓉 280g
– Melon Seeds 瓜子 or (40g Pandan Bean Paste with melon seeds 班兰豆蓉加瓜子) x 7
– Chicken Floss 鸡肉丝 35g or (5g Chicken Floss 鸡肉丝) x 6

Mix each 40grams Pandan Bean Paste with 7 melon seeds then cover 5grams of Chicken Floss.

▶️ Fillings option 2 馅料推荐2 (Red Bean Paste with Salted Egg Yolks 豆沙与咸蛋黄)
– Red Bean Paste 豆沙 200g or (40g Red Bean Paste 豆沙) x 5
– Salted Egg Yolks 咸蛋黄6 pcs

Soaked the salted egg yolk in rice wine and cooking oil before steam for 5 minutes.

Cover each Salted Egg Yolks with 40gram Red Bean Paste.

After prepare the filling, next we need to prepare the outer mooncake skin.

Ingredients needed to make the Mooncake outer layer skin.

▶️ Mooncake Skin 月饼饼皮
– plain flour 普通面粉 180g
– corn starch 玉米淀粉 25g
– icing sugar 糖粉 35g
– salt 盐 1/4 tsp
– milk powder 奶粉 30g
– cold butter 冷牛油 120g
– whole egg 全蛋 1 pcs (30g)

Mix all the ingredient one by one and Knead into dough.

30gram of dough is needed for each mooncake.

Place the filling in the center of the dough and cover it up.

Make the mooncake by placing the filling in the center of the dough and cover it up.

Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for 20 minutes.

Let the mooncake room cool first while you can make the Egg yolk liquid.

▶️ Egg yolk liquid 蛋黄液
– egg yolk 蛋黃 2 pcs
– Milk 牛奶 2 tsp

▶️ Topping 装饰
– black sesame seeds 黑芝麻

Placing the sesame seeds on top of the mooncake.

Coat the room cooled mooncake with the Egg yolk liquid and sprinkle some black sesame seeds on top for decoration.

Bake at 180°C for another 8 minutes.

Room cool the mooncake and ready to be served.

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