3Q Mooncake as its name suggested is a combination of 3 flavor into one mooncake. Today we will learn how to make the Taiwan style 3Q Mooncake. A crispy outer layer with sesame seeds texture, together with tender of chicken floss and saltiness of salted egg, it is a unique fusion of flavors.

Taiwanese 3Q Mooncake.


台式3Q月饼 | 台式月饼3Q酥 | Taiwanese 3Q Mooncake | How to Make 3Q Moon Cake

Taiwanese 3Q mooncake is a type of modern mooncake made of red bean paste, QQ mochi, meat floss and salted egg yolks wrapped in a flaky outer crust with sesame seeds. A unique scrumptious and savoury mooncake which is different from traditional baked mooncake.
Today, we also use Pandan mung bean paste to replace red bean paste.


Firstly we make the Mochi dough which is needed as part of the internal filling of the Mooncake.

Ingredients for making the Mochi for the Taiwanese 3Q Mooncake.

▶️ Mochi (麻薯)
Glutinous rice flour 糯米粉 45g
Rice flour 粘米粉 35g
Corn starch 玉米粉 20g
Sugar 糖 30g
Milk 牛奶 180ml
Corn oil 玉米油 18g

Mix well and sieve then steam 15 minutes

Knead into dough and divide into 8 pcs.

Break open the salted eggs and extract the egg york.

Next we prepare the Salted egg York.

▶️ Salted Egg York (烘焙咸蛋黃)
Salted egg 咸蛋 – 6pcs
White Wine 白酒
Cooking Oil 食用油

Break up the salted eggs and take out the egg york.

Clean the salted eggs with white wine then coat the egg yorks with cooking oil.

Bake the salted egg york in oven.

Bake the salted egg york for 5 minutes at 200C

After baking it, take it out and press it into egg york mash.

Next we prepare the outer skin dough, It is a mixture of two different dough layer.

▶️ Water skin dough (水皮面团)
Plain flour 普通面粉 160g
Icing sugar 糖粉 1 tsp
Water 清水 70ml
Butter 牛油 55g

Stir and mix well.

▶️ Shortbread dough (油酥面团)
Plain flour 普通面粉 100g
Shortening 白油 65g

Stir and mix well.

The ingredients for the internal filling of the Taiwanese 3Q Mooncake.

Next step is to prepare the Filling ingredients.

▶️ Fillings Ingredients (内馅材料)
Meat floss 肉丝 x 8
Salted egg yolks mash 咸蛋黃泥 x 8
Mochi 麻薯 – 20g x 8
Red bean paste 豆沙 30g x 4
Pandan mung bean paste 班兰豆蓉 30g x 4

Make 8 portion of water skin dough, shortbread dough, meat floss, salted egg york mash and Mochi.

Option of 4 portion each of redbean paste and pandan mung bean paste, or 8 portion of either, depending on your favor.

Dough prepared for Mooncake outer skin.

Warp the water skin dough over shortbread dough, press and roll to ensure good alternating layer texture.

The internal filling is placed layer by layer.

Place the internal filling layer by layer (meat floss, salted egg york mash, Mochi, redbean paste and pandan mung bean paste) inside the dough skin and enclosed it nicely.

Next step is making the outer decoration.

Cover the mooncake with a layer of sesame seeds.

▶️ Decoration (装饰)
Black & White sesame seeds 黑白芝麻
Whole egg liquid 全蛋液 刷面

Scramble a chicken egg and use the mixture to coat the outer layer of the mooncake and place the sesame seeds on it.

Freshly baked Taiwanese 3Q Mooncake.

Preheat oven to 200°C and bake around 30 minutes.
烤箱预热至 200°C,烘烤约 30 分钟。

Let it room cool and ready to serve.

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