Homemade crystal agar agar with mixed fruits on top layer while milk layer at the bottom.It is a usual desserts after the main course, with the delightful taste of milk and fruits and the cold firm texture that excites the bites. A clear jelly layer can visualize the fresh fruits beneath and add to the sensation.

Easy to make and delicious. You should try this at home.

Below is the Video on how it was prepared.

First by making the bottom layer (milk layer) by mixing all the ingredients below and boil them till ready.

  • One can of Ideal Milk (light milk) 390ml
  • Water 610ml
  • Sand Sugar (fine granulated sugar) 100g
  • Agar-agar Powder 10g
  • Jelly Powder 1 tablespoon

Filter the mixture to purify the mixture and wait for solidification.

Then proceed to make the top layer (Crystal Fruit Layer) . Before that make sure you have your fruits ready.

  • One can of Canned Tropical Fruit (filter out the fruits from the juice)
  • Seedless Grapes (cut into small pieces)

To make the top crystal jelly layer you will need mix and boil the following:

  • The fruit juice that you had filtered out just now from the canned tropical fruit
  • Agar-Agar Powder 10g
  • Jelly Powder 1 tablespoon
  • water 700ml
  • Sand Sugar 100g

After the crystal jelly is ready, pour it on top of the solidify milk jelly layer (bottom) and distribute the fruits evenly in the crystal jelly layer.

Place in freezer for 4 hours and it will be solidify and ready to be served.