Looking for delicious ice-cream? If you have a chance travel to Taiwan, you should not miss to visit this ice-cream store- Bigtom. Bigtom Ice Cream has a proven history of producing highest quality ice-cream product. Each of the Ice Cream’s from Bigtom combine is made up of the combination flavors of the delicious homemade American ice cream taste and the thick, creamy texture of Italian premium style ice-cream.

In order to freshen customers’ appetite for new flavor experiences, delicious toppings like Almonds, Cherries, Chocolate, Fudge, Cranberry, Peanuts, Raspberry, Papaya, Raisin, Apricots, and Mango are provided. A heavy, rich ice-cream taste to try.

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Bigtom,Hanshin Arena,Kaohsiung,Taiwan