Ever wanting a Homemade spaghetti with fish balls and sticky cheese while serving hot? With instant chicken mushroom soup, onion, margarine and Kimball Spaghetti sauce as topping. Here is a easy step by step spaghetti recipe for lazy people. Absolutely delicious!

Below is the video on how to prepare it.

Start your meal preparation with a boiling water, Chop onion into slices and Cut fishball into pieces.

Get ready instant mushroom chicken soup, Kimball Spaghetti Sauce, & Spaghetti.

Put Spaghetti into boiling water. Add salt to make it cook faster, then add some cooking oil.

Next prepare the sauce. Spread some Planta Margarine on a flat frying pan and stir fried onion and fishball. Then add some water with some instant mushroom soup powder, after mixing well, add some spaghetti sauce and stir them till well.

Finally serve the spaghetti with the sauce and a slice of cheese on it.