When asked for what is the food that represents Sarawak, most of the local will answer “Sarawak Kolok Mee”. It is a simple noodle dish that is usually found at hawker stall beside the street. It is fast to prepare and taste appealing. Kolok Mee literally means “dry noodle”.

It can come with many flavor but most commonly is with minced pork, fried onions and fresh onion leaves. The noodle used in Kolok Mee dish is commonly egg noodle. Kolok Mee can be serve dried or with separate soup.

Below is a Video Tutorial on how to cook and prepare Sarawak Kolok Mee.

Hawkers usually will dip the noodle into a hot boiling pot of water for a short moments, then take it out and place it into a cooler soup to instantly cool down and shrink the outer surface, which makes the noodle even more tangy and springy to the bite.

Once ready, the noodle is mixed with vegetable/pork oil with fried onions and top the kolok mee dish with minced pork and onion leaves.

In no time the dish is ready to be served.