Having chocolate chips inside the cream filled mochi balls.

Do you like Chocolate Chips, OREO biscuits and Mochi Balls ? Why not make them as a great match between the East and the West , a sweet to your taste buds and creamy to the bite cream filled Snow Mochi Balls with Chocolate Chips and OREO flavoring.

The making process is very simple and the ingredient is easy to be found in your local store.

You serve it cold from the fridge overnight, so before you start, make sure you have the ingredients, a steamer and a fridge. The dough needed to be steam first to be edible and the cold temperature is needed to settle down the dough skin and the ingredient within.

Below is the tutorial video on how to make this delicious desserts.

Ingredients 材料

The ingredients needed to make the cream filled mochi ball.

Dough skin 面团皮
– 120g glutinous rice flour 糯米粉
– 30g corn starch 玉米淀粉
– 60g caster sugar 细砂糖
– 160ml fresh milk 鲜奶
– 30g butter 牛油

Fried glutinous rice flour 炒糯米粉

The mochi balls with chocolate chips inside.

Filling 馅料
– 200ml light cream 淡奶油
– 30g caster sugar 细砂糖
– OREO biscuits 奥利奥饼干
– chocolate chips 巧克力粒