The easy to make Milo Popsicle.

Popsicle also known as Ice Pop. It is literally a flavored Ice on a stick. You can make any flavor of Popsicle from any drinks or beverages. Today why not we try out Milo Popsicle ?

Milo is a common beverage in South East Asia, found commonly in Malaysia and Singapore. It is a Energy drink mainly consist of malted chocolate powder with milk. It is local favorite beverage which.

Making a Milo Popsicle is as simple as : Make a cup of Milo beverage , place in a plastic with stick and place them in the fridge for few hours to solidify and walah, a Milo Popsicle.

Below is the video tutorial on how to make a Milo Popsicle.

Tutorial how to make Instant MILO Ice Cream Popsicles with just 3 ingredients.

Pour your prepared Milo beverage into the plastic.

➡️Ingredients 材料:
5 x 33g instant MILO bars 即泡美禄条
300ml fresh milk 鲜奶
80ml condensed milk 炼乳
Ice cream sticks 冰淇淋棒

Instructions (制作方法):
Cut the top of each pack instant MILO bars and pour the Milo powder into the fresh milk and mix well. (Remember that the Milo package should not be thrown away, and you will need it later!)

切掉即泡美禄条包的顶部,将美禄粉倒入鲜奶中并搅拌均匀。 (请记住,Milo包装不要扔掉,之后会需要它!)

While stirring the fresh milk and Milo powder, add in the condensed milk. Continue to stir until it is completely dissolved and turned into a rich cocoa color.

Place sticks on the center of the popsicle bag.


Let the empty Instant MILO packs sit vertically. Pour in the MILO mixtures, insert the popsicle & freeze for 10 hours.


Isn’t it simple?

Frozen Milo Popsicle ready to be served.

Topping with chocolate sauce.


With a bite, the aroma of the fragrant Milo mixed with milk erupted in the mouth, so be sure to try it out!

一口咬下,香浓的 Milo 混著牛奶的香气在嘴中爆发,你一定要来试做看看!