Signature Green colored Moringa Noodles.

Ever try a green noodle ? Yes, as the name suggested, it is green in color. The green Noodles is made using blended juice of Moringa leaves, and it is healthy and organic.

You may be benefit from having a noodle making machine, however fully hand made option is also a good choice if you don’t have machine.

The tutorial video below will show you the simple way to cook your healthy Moringa Noodles dish. This video featuring noodle making process at Eric Organic Moringa Noodles, Desa Senadin, Miri City.

The Making of Moringa Noodles.

Fresh harvest Moringa leaves.

First harvest the fresh Moringa leaves from a Moringa Tree. Separate the leaves from the stalks. Wash the leaves with clean running water till clean. Then blend the leaves in a blender till fine and smooth.

Break four eggs and mix with the blended leaves, then add in some flour and mix to form the noodle dough. Press the dough through a compressor to make a firm thin continuous dough spread and then press the spread through a noodle maker to shred the noodle into its final form.

The noodles is pressed and shredded in noodle making machine.

The cooking of Moringa Noodles.

Prepare the soup base with boiling with fresh green vegetables, add in the noodle into the boiling soup till cooked. Drain off the soup and serve the green noodles hot with soy sauce, fried onions and fried garlic.