The Pandan Jelly Moocake cross section cut.

Mooncake festival is near, and you wish to make something simple to serve your visitors during the mooncake festival. Why no make some Pandan Jelly Mooncake ? It is tasty, cold to the bite and chill your mouth in the warm days.

The crystal look with good contrast layers will not disappoint your guest.

Once it is completed, you can serve it to your guest.

To make this dessert, you must be patient as there is many steps involve to make the inner to the outer layer and jelly will need some time to form and solidify. Basic requirement is a fridge, boiling pot and the mold to make the distinctive shape of the mooncake. If you don’t have the decorative mold, a cup can be used and you will get a cup shaped mooncake.

Below are the tutorial video step by step on how to make a Pandan Jelly Mooncake.

Below are the ingredients used to make the Pandan Jelly Mooncake. It is easily understood by making it into three zone. The Inner Orange, The Middle White and the Outer Green. The Inner Orange and Middle White is representing the color of an egg layers.

The mold to make the Orange Inner Layer.

Ingredient 材料:

(Orange Team 橙队)
➡️Jelly egg yolk 燕菜果冻蛋黄:
(20+ balls portion)
1 or 2 pcs carrot 红萝卜
400ml water 清水
*Blend into carrot juice 搅拌成红萝卜汁
40g caster sugar 细砂糖
1 tsp Agar Agar powder 燕菜粉
1 tsp Jelly powder 既溶果冻粉

The mold to make the middle white layer.

(White Team 白队)
➡️Jelly egg white 燕菜果冻蛋白
(8 pcs portion):
200ml water 清水
60ml coconut milk 椰浆
60g caster sugar 细砂糖
1tsp Agar Agar powder 燕菜粉
1/4tsp Jelly powder 果冻粉
40ml evaporated milk 淡奶

(Green Team 绿队)

The mold to make the outer green layer.

➡️Jelly skin 果冻皮 (6-8 pcs portion):
20g Pandan leaves 班兰叶(香兰叶)
300ml water 清水
*Blend into Pandan juice 搅拌成香兰叶汁
200ml evaporated milk 淡奶
60g caster sugar 细砂糖
1 tsp Agar Agar powder 燕菜粉
1/4 tsp Jelly powder 果冻粉