Temaki Sushi can be hold like an ice cream cone.

Temaki Sushi is a very famous hand roll Sushi in Japanese. It’s just like an ice cream cone shaped sushi. The cone shape allow you to hold the sushi like an ice cream cone and eat from top down together with the seaweed roll.

The main ingredient is still sticky rice, seaweed roll and flavor ingredients such as sausage, fish fillet, salmon slice, vegetables etc. Making a Japanese Hand Roll is easy, any beginner can try to make one.

Below is the video showing how to make a Sushi Cone.

Step by step instructions showing how to make Temaki Sushi fast in just few seconds only.

The seaweed roll also known as nori.

1. Cut the Nori into half.

2. Shining Nori side face down.

3. Fill in the sushi Rice & Mayonnaise.

4. Now, place your chosen filling ingredients diagonally on top of the rice.

5. And make sure your ingredients point towards the bottom right corner of the nori.

Folding a Temaki Sushi will need some skills to make it perfect shaped.

6. Fold the top right corner of the nori over the rice and filling ingredients.

7. Stick the end of the wrap with Mayonnaise.

Note: Make sure you don’t overfill it.