The popiah rolls served on a dish.

Popiah rolls is also commonly known as Chinese Spring Rolls. It can be found easily in streets at south east asia, more common in Malaysia and Singapore. The easy to make spring rolls is local favorite.

The Popiah can be steamed or fried , but commonly available steamed. The ingredient is carefully wrap with a coat of thin soft gelatinous outer layer that seal the flavor inside the wrap.

A single popiah roll in hand.

Popiah can be serve as a snack or as a welcome light dish for visiting guest.

Below is a tutorial video showing how to wrap a popiah.

Ingredients such as vegetables and meat can be wrap in the popiah roll.

First spread the thin gelatinous outer layer on a board.  Place the ingredient at the quarter portion of the layer. Fold in on both ends, then roll over from the adjacent edge till it forms a comfortable wrap.