The ais kacang, also known as shaved ice dessert is so popular especially in hot and humid countries like Singapore and Malaysia. (it’s sometimes also called “ABC” stands for Air Buah Campuran)

It is a delicious icy cold dessert commonly sold by street vendors and some cafe nowadays, it soothes the throat and cools down the body of the person who enjoy it during the sunny day. Besides icy cold, it is also loved by most people due to its sweet-tasting shaved ice plus coconut milk or vanilla milk. Varities of special toppings such as red beans, ice-cream, sweet corn, longans, grass jelly, “cincau” and “cendol”, raisins, attap chee, fruits, etc are added.

It could be an alternative dessert to the frozen yogurt, ice cream, or sorbet. You should try it out! Checkout recipes by rasamalaysia.

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