The food decoration industries are ushering into a new era with furthering incredible design advancements. In Japan, the special decorated home-packed meal are so popular among the public. It is known as Bento. A set of Bento consists rice mixed with either pickled or cooked fruits, vegetables, fish, meat; usually in a box shaped container.

Are you running out of good idea for cooking new Christmas meals? Need some great tips for this holidays? You’ve come to reading the right post because today we are going to share with you some of the creative food you can prepare during this Christmas season. Cool huh!

Although it is going to take some time to carefully prepare a Bento set, the end result after time and energy will pay off in ways which are inconceivable to describe. Your child, friends and families will sure love it. Have a look.

1. Xmas by nonochan

Balanced nutritionally healthy Xmas bento for kid. Really a cute white snowman bento. A great idea for this Chrismas.

2. Bento A-chan by natakiya

A holiday bento suitable for New Year’s Day picnic on the floor with absolutely a lovely snowman on the blue rice!

3. Christmas Bento by natakiya

A holiday travel fantastic looking bento with cookies, ice-cream cones and cream as santa claus.

4. Adorable gingerbread man by elsonlam430

Very creative bento with Gingerbread man, stocking, rice with meat, cauliflowers, franks and strawberries. Super cute!

5. Santa Claus onigiri by pikkopots

Fun and adorable Santa Claus onigiri with rotisserie chicken and blueberries.

6. Holiday Bento by ABQ Bento Mama

Beautiful decorated green rice Xmas tree with sweet potatoes and veggies mix, bbq chicken, clementine and gingerbread cookie.

7. Holiday Bento by ABQ Bento Mama

Christmas holiday bento with few little cute Santa picks on the bento decorated with carrots, radish, cookie, cotton candy “snow”, apple pear, strawberries, bells, etc for creating little world Christmas environment.

8. Holiday Bento by ABQ Bento Mama

The bento made from Gingerbread man sandwich, clementine, little snowballs, snap peas, blueberries or raspberries.

9. Santa Claus bento by shoppingmum

Ho ho ho! Santa Claus is coming to the bento world, a fun Christmas bento box for this Christmas!

10. Merry Christmas! by Lil’chan

This is another Christmas themed Bento present comes with a Christmas angel made for the “Adventskalender”. Hope you like it.

11. Penguin/ Santa Onigri Bento by LuckyKawaiiForever

Fantastic kawaii penguin and santa bento. The penguin’s face and the elf’s have cute expression.

12. Bento 12/2009 Merry Christmas! by sheree

Beautiful bento that will make you smile if you are the one who are going to receive it. It is a super cute bento comes with hidden warm greetings. Merry Christmas!

13. Gingerbread Man bento by luckysundae

Amazing cute X’mas bento for kindergarten kids on the Christmas holiday season. But great fun will be waiting for your kids to enjoy the meal on this winter holidays!

14. The Smallest Tree” Bento Box by hapa bento

“The Smallest Tree”
A holiday story bento box created from beautiful Xmas night scene gorgeous tree which is made from delicious green asparagus.

15. snowman lunch by Smitasrivastava02

Two little Rice shape snowmen nestled together with Lentil curry and veggies.

16. Snowman Egg Toddler Bento by sherimiya

A tiny snack bento featuring a snowman made from egg wearing a purple carrot scarf, and with nori facial details and a tiny carrot piece sticked to the egg as nose along a variety fruit selections. Happy winter!

17. Snowman Ravioli Bento by sherimiya

A spinach and 4 cheese ravioli cool snowman, with purple carrot and purple potato detail, peapod scarf, fruits and vegetables for dessert.

18. Snowman Toddler Snack Bento by sherimiya

Snowman made of string cheese, with raspberry, carrot and nori detail, and fruits. Can be a sweet-hearted bento for your love one.

19. Bentolicious036 by Bentolicious

Pretty and fresh cute little Christmas santas wearing red hats! Xmas Hat Bento- great ideas!

20. Christmas Present by

Well, this is a glossy shine version bento. The thin omelette sheets were used to create the “ribbon”, enchanced by cornstarch. Look! there are two gingerbredmen over there.