You might not be comforted with a bowl of pasta. So, maybe you can try to cook your pasta in this way. A delicious Baked Ziti recipe by by Laura via Real Mom kitchen. It is adapted it from an America’s Test Kitchen recipe. You won’t need to rely on a bottle of sauce.  You can make two sauces with one as the creamy version and the other as the tomato version.  However, if you got the sauces, your recipe might come together in quite quick and easy mode.

This recipe can serve 8 to 10 persons. However, if you like, you may want to divide into half for scaling down the recipe. To serve, add some yummy bread in this meal like herbed garlic bread plus a nice tossed salad for a special dinner. It is also a great goodies for Christmas. The recipes are made with a boxed mix and you will have two frosting recipes to choose from.

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