Chinese Cup Cake

Mom’s Homemade 发糕 Chinese cupcakes (yellow & pink) & 紅姑糕 Ang Ku Kuih (purple & orange sweet potatoes soft cakes). Both cakes have their auspicious meaning to the Chinese culture and usually can be found during New year celebration , wedding, birth or big celebration.

The Chinese Cupcakes also known as  发糕 or “huat Kuih” , which means growth and expansion of prosperity. It is because the cupcakes looks like expanding explosively upwards and crack open like a blooming flower.

Ang Ku Kuih

As for Ang Ku Kuih, the classical color is still red, but can comes with many variant of color. All of them are soft cakes covers the tasty potato cream interior. It had also meaning of longevity and have a motive mold of a turtle shell linings at the outer surface. In some instances, it was also used as a gift to guest who come to their newborn 1 month old ceremony.

Below is the video that show you Mom’s Homemade Chinese cupcakes and soft cakes.