The Classical 9 layered cake served on a dish for visiting guest.

The 9 layered cake is famously found in south east asian and can be found in almost every streetside in Malaysia and Singapore. The signature alternate of green and white with the top layer of pink is the classical Chinese 9 layered cake. Other color variation is also available depending on locality and flavor.

Each of the layer of the cake is made by stacking one on top of the other. It is not hard to make but takes allot of patient and time to stack in layer by layer. The classical method is making it layer by layer, one on top of the other and been steam repeatably. It is not simply make 9 separate independent layer and stack them together.

You need 9 times more time to make the 9 layered cake compared to a single layer cake.

The taste is fine sweet sticky cake with crisscross of different flavor as each color may be made from different flavor.

It is commonly taken as snack, or available as a delicacy for guest that visit your house.

Below is the tutorial video on how to make a 9 layered cake.

5 Pandan leaves 香兰叶
400g coarse sugar 粗糖
100g coconut milk powder 椰浆粉
1500ml Water 水
400g rice flour 粘米粉
100g tapioca flour 大薯粉
Natural rose food colouring 天然玫瑰颜色


Mixing the tapioca flour with Pandan leave flavor.

  1. Blend the fresh Pandan leaves into juice and strain it.
  2. Add in sugar, coconut milk powder, tapioca flour and rice flour together.
  3. Stir them until dissolved and mix well.
  4. Strain the batter.
  5. Divide batter into 2 portions.
  6. 1 portion for green, 2nd portion for white. Take few portions from white batter to make pink batter.
  7. 4 layers of green batter (add Pandan juice into plain batter to become green layer), 3 layers with plain batter (original white) and 2 layers of pink batter (natural rose food colouring into plain batter to become pink layer).

    9 layered cake is make layer by layer.

  8. Grease a square steam pan with a little oil. Place the pan in a steamer and steam until hot.
  9. Pour 1st layer with green batter into steam pan, and steam for 3mins over medium high heat.
  10. Pour 2nd layer with white batter into steam pan, and steam for 3mins and so on with different batter colours.
  11. Repeat until all 9 layers set.
  12. Leave the Kuih Lapis to cool completely (for about 2 hours) at room temperature.
  13. Cut it with a zigzag knife into diamond shapes.