Cotton Huat Kuih served on table.

Huat Kuih is a local delicacy at the south east asian area, mostly in Chinese populated areas. The “Huat” means “prosperity”, and “Kuih” means “cake”. In this context, the cake is known as traditional Chinese steamed cake.

steamed cake is usually common in South east Asian region and can be easily be prepared if you have a steamer.

Huat Kuih served hot from the steamer.

You can serve the steam cake hot from the steamer. The best time to eat is during breakfast or a snack when you are on a outing. The steam cake can be also prepared as a steamed cupcake size for easy packing.

Below is the tutorial video on how to prepare a Cotton Huat Kuih.

The cupcake mold can be a good option to mold your steam cake to palm sized.

Ingredients 材料:
– Caster sugar 细砂糖 120g
– Water 清水 150ml
– White vinegar 白醋 12ml
– Baking Powder 发粉 15g
– Low gluten flour 低筋面粉 250g
– Wheat starch 澄面粉 50g
– Corn oil 玉米油 35ml