The Hong Kong Style Radish Cake is a Fried Steam Radish Cake.

Radish Cake is not uncommon in South East Asian. It is also known as Turnip Cake. Radish cake is a typical dim sum dish for the Chinese.It can be prepared either Steamed or mix of Steam and Fried varieties.

Hong Kong Style incorporate a fusion preparation of Fried and Steamed Radish Cake. You prepare a Steam Radish Cake first, then you fried it to have a unique cake with crusty outer layer and soft inner layer.

Before you prepare this dish, you need to have a steamer and a fryer. The ingredient is mainly Flour – Four type of Flour (Rice, Corn, Potato, Wheat).

Below is a Tutorial Video on how to make a Hong Kong Style Radish Cake.

The steps involves :
First Prepare and Mix well Four type of Flour:
– 900ml Water
– 625g Rice Flour
– 500g Corn Flour
– 500g Potato Flour
– 500g Wheat Flour
– 3g Yeast

Sliced Steam Radish Cake.

Then prepare and fried the host ingredient:
– Cooking Oil
– Garlic
– 100g Dried Shrimps
– 100g Dried Radish
– Minced Pork Sausages
– 1 piece Maggi Chicken Stock Cube
– 40g Sugar
– 30g Salt
– 1/4 Teaspoon Pepper Powder
– mix well and boil with 2500ml water
Then mix and stir both the Flour Mix and the host Ingredient.
It will form the Radish Cake dough.
Steam them for 90 minutes.

Once ready, you will have a steamed radish cake.
You can fried them with some egg.