The Kuih Talam stacked on the serving dish.

Kuih Talam is famous local dish in Malaysia and Singapore. It is a Steamed Pandan and Coconut Milk Double layer cake. It is common dessert dish prepared by the local Malays in the region. It is very easy to be prepared and even beginner can try to prepare one.

The main concept is making steam cake of different flavor, in this case, the green color featuring pandan flavor with sugar, while the white color featuring coconut milk flavor with salt.  Both flavor mix well in the mouth with a taste of sweet and salty.

It takes some extra time to prepare as the green layer and white layer is prepared one on top of the other.

Below is the tutorial video on how to make a Kuih Talam.

Easy Step by Step Recipe How to make Kuih Talam. 班兰椰浆青白双层糕。
(Pandan & Coconut Milk Double Layers Kuih)

The Pandan Leaves is one of the popular flavoring in Malaysia and Singapore.

▶️ Green Layer 绿色层
– Pandan leaves 班兰叶 8pcs
– water 清水 300ml
– rice flour 粘米粉 120g
– green pea flour 绿豆澄粉 12g
– tapioca flour 木薯粉 32g
– caster sugar 细砂糖 100g
– Pandan juice 班兰汁
(Pandan leaves 班兰叶 8pcs + water 清水 300ml)
– coconut milk 椰奶 200ml
– salt 盐 1/2 tsp

Mixing the Pandan flavor into the flour mix.

Steam for 20 minutes over medium heat.

▶️ White Layer 白色层
– salt 盐 1 tsp
– rice flour 粘米粉 55g
– tapioca flour 木薯粉 40g
– coconut milk 椰奶 250ml
– water 清水 250ml
– Pandan leaves 班兰叶 2 pcs

Steam for 18 minutes over medium heat.

Greased steam pan 涂油蒸盘
(8×8 inches)