A serving of sliced tapioca cake.

Steamed Tapioca Cake is one simple cake dish that even beginner can make. The ingredients to make the cake is very simple and easily to find and the main ingredient is actually just Tapioca from Cassava Plant. The Cassava Root can be found in some local market, especially at the tropical area. The Root is full of starch content.

Long slice of Steamed Tapioca Cake.

Tapioca can be used to make many delicious tropical dish, and the Tapioca Cake is one of it.

You need tapioca (cassava) root, sugar, coconut milk and mix all ingredient in a steam pan and steam it for 30 minutes. The cake can be taken as snack or breakfast or as a treat to visiting guest. Due to its high starch content, it can be very filling too.

Below is the Tutorial Video on how to make Steamed Tapioca Cake.

The tapioca root or commonly known as cassava root is the main ingredient

Ingredients 材料:
– tapioca 木薯 600g
– sugar 糖 180g
– coconut milk 椰奶 100ml

Steam pan 蒸盘
(4 x 9 x 3 inches)

Steam for 30 minutes.