A simple cold and delicious mooncake that you can made at home during Mid-Autum festival, or also call the Mooncake Festival. Snowskin Mooncake is best served cold from the fridge. It is different from classic mooncake which is baked in oven.

Below is the video on how to make a Snowskin Mooncake.

Simple Mooncake Skin Ingredients 简单冰皮的原料:

  • 360g- Iced Water 冰水
  • 150g- Sand Sugar 沙糖
  • 300g- Cake Flour 糕粉
  • 100g- Vegetable Shortening 白奶油

To make the snowskin, you first need to mix iced water with sand sugar, spread the sugar evenly and then add in cake flour and vegetable shortening. Mix all of them to make the skin dough.

Divide skin into 3 flavours 分配三种皮口味:
Fresh Pandan Leaves 新鲜香兰叶口味
Orange Sweet Potatoes 橙色番薯口味
Purple Japanese Sweet Potatoes 紫色日本番薯口味

You can devide the dough equally into three parts to make three different skin flavoring by mixing each of the above ingredient.

Mooncake Fillings月饼馅料:
Sweet Potatoes + Bean Paste 番薯+豆蓉

There are many different filling to choose from but we choose two most common filling of sweet potatoes and bean paste.

Cover the skin dough around the filling and place into a mold to mold it into a proper mooncake shape.

Refrigerate the snowskin mooncakes for better taste and serve it cold.