Sponge Cake is both sponginess and tasty. A good treat and great snack during leisure or work. Now we will teach you how to make a simple cheese sponge cake (芝士海绵蛋糕). Either steamed or baked, but here we baked it in the oven.

Below is a tutorial video showing how to prepare one.

Here is the secret recipe.


  • 70 grams of butter
  • 70 grams of sugar
  • 70 grams of flour (sieve)
  • 200 ml of fresh milk
  • Eggs 4 (egg yolk and egg white separate)
  • Cheese slice 5 pieces
  • A few drops of vanilla extract

First prepare the Cake base : Place 200 ml of fresh milk and Cheese slice 5 pieces into a cooking pot. Heat it and stir it till melted. Then add in 70 grams of butter and stir with hot cheese milk mixture. Add 4 eggs york and stir mix them together. Add 70 grams of flour (sieved) , slowly stir and add into the mixture till smooth.

Next prepare the cream mixture: Mix 4 eggs whites with 70grams of sugar, beat with an egg beater till stiff. It will form a white paste.

Mix both cream mixture and cake base and stir till smooth. Add a few drops of vanilla extract and then stir to mix evenly.

Cheese Sponge Cake

Prepare a cake pan by coating a thin layer around the inside of the pan, and then place a cake paper at the bottom. Pour in the cheese cake mixture into the cake pan. Place them into the oven with a pot of hot water below to keep moist.

Bake the cake at 170 degree Celsius for 20minutes and then bake at 140 degree Celsius for 40 minutes. Then let cool and store the cheese cake in a refrigerator. Serve it as a cold cheese cake slices.